Data Services

Memory Transfer
We will save your information from an old computer, old hard drive, or other media. We can transfer the same information to another computer (new or old) or another hard drive. Does not apply to non-working media or deleted data. Does not include cost of new media, hard drive, or computer.
Flat Price: $40

Complete Recall
Lost or deleted data? We will get it back for you under our Complete Recall service.
Flat Price: $70

Photographic Memory
Lost or deleted pictures from a camera memory card? We will get it back for you under our Photographic Memory service.
Flat Price: $30

Post-Traumatic Amnesia
We will wipe all data from any data device (hard drive, media card, flash drive). We also offer destruction services for the same price.
Flat Price: $30

Records Shredder
We will wipe all data from any hard drive, flash drive, or media card securely so that it can be used again, resold, or given away without sensitive data being recovered from it.
Flat Price: $50

We can clone your existing working computer in case of hard drive failure or viruses in the future. Clones can be made onto discs or an external hard drive. Cost of equipment not included.
Flat Price: $30