Operating System Repair
If your operating system does not require an Antiviral Treatment, but still needs to be repaired, we can perform our Operating System Repair service. We can fix errors caused by bad updates, corrupt files or settings, user profile errors, and many other complicated issues. Includes a Check Up of your hard drive.
Flat Price: $40

If there is a known quick fix for the problem with the patient, this service will be all that you need to make it right.
Flat Price: $20

Sponge Bath
Physical cleaning of the patient. This includes removal of dust bunnies, removal of any foreign material on the surface of the device or screen (if applicable). This does not include cleaning of liquid damaged devices or devices that are extensively physically damaged.
Flat Price: $20

Removal of programs that are not used or needed, removal of temporary files, and general cleanup of the registry
Flat Price: $25

Email Setup
Setup an email program for you. Existing email account required. Price is per email account.
Flat Price: $5

Smartphone Setup
Setup a smartphone, such as an iPhone™, Droid™, or Blackberry™ to download your email and sync calendars. You must provide existing accounts.
Flat Price: $10