Quick Diagnosis
Determination of the problem within a short time frame is known as a Quick Diagnosis. If a further diagnosis is needed, we will recommend a Check Up.
Flat Price: Free

Diagnosis Deposit
If a patient is defying a quick diagnosis, a Diagnosis Deposit will be required for the patient to be checked in to the Computer Hospital. If, after more rigorous testing, the problem cannot ultimately be determined or the computer cannot be fixed the patient will be returned unaltered. If a diagnosis is made, the deposit is credited toward services rendered (upon approval).
Flat Price: $20

Long Distance House Call
If the distance to your location is greater than our normal service area, this is known as a Long Distance House Call. This service charge is added to cover additional trip cost.
Flat Price: $15

Check Up
All aspects of the patient will be checked, in depth, for any problems related to hardware or software. This service includes a full hardware check of hard drives, memory, and processor, as well as in depth software checks. This process can take several hours. For your convenience we can check the patient into the Computer Hospital.
Flat Price: $35

Emergency Room Service
For life and death emergencies, we have our Emergency Room Service. We will make every attempt to get to your location and repair your problem as quickly as we can. This service is applied for each patient in need of the Emergency Room.
Flat Price: $50